Terlingua, Texas pop. 58

In the late 1800s this quiet southern town began its journey to become a booming hub for mercury mining but by the 1940s it was nothing more than a ghost town. Now it’s most well known for annual chili cooksoffs in the fall and as tourist destination for nearby Big Bend National Park, but there’s more than meets the eye.

Being a “Ghost Town” is the perfect cover for a city that hides deep power and those in touch with magic know its a special place. As such a transient locale visitors hoping to explore their abilities blend right in with hikers, bikers, and wannabe Fieri’s.

Guarded and protected by powerful individuals in the most unsuspecting of places Terlingua’s quaint charm has always been strong…but recently…something has changed.


This campaign will start at the Chisos Mining Co. Motel. Adventurers will have been selected to go out on a complimentary excursion to the McKinney-Parker Mine, it includes food and drinks so why wouldn’t you go?

I’m peeling the veil here: the first portion of this game all characters will be human. An event will occur several sessions into the campaign and your character will be “reborn”. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from more races/classes/backgrounds/etc. This event will occur shortly after the release of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and I hope to provide a space for us to explore the new material together.

Part One Character Build Guidelines
Race restriction: Human and Human Variant only
Alignment restriction: Neutral and Good alignments only
Attributes: 27 Point Buy
Starting Kit
You may choose to have a character that’s ignorant to the magic in the world or one deeply versed.

Session Style
I hope to have a core group of 5-7 players for a weekly game (to be held on a weeknight evening).

Atypical Formatting
Plot Opportunities: Some characters may be chosen to be featured for unique events/story devices (ie: having a vision of the future). Please provide a robust background and inform me that you’re choosing to opt-in to this type of experience.
Some weeks I’d love to have “featured” players. This would provide an opportunity for regulars to engage with persistent player characters beyond their party. The goal is to have these temporary party members like guest stars on a sitcom: a fun, fresh, friend who will only be invited back if they positively impacted the story. This also provides an opportunity for players who can’t fit in a regular game. These sessions (and available spaces) will be posted up for featured players to sign up at least a week in advance. I don’t want to make rules (like, if you were in the last session please don’t sign up for at least X amount of hours or don’t be a wrecking ball to the regular party because you won’t be coming back), my goal is for you to be positive and conscientious players. If I need to reevaluate that goal I will.

Will Not Include
To be discussed at character creation.

Terlingua, Texas